Bible Reading Plan for 2010

Bible reading and Christian growth are companions. You will never reach maturity as a disciple if you don’t know the Word of God.  Jesus taught us that the “Truth will make you free” (John 8:32).  It is the Truth that will set us apart to God’s service (John 17:17).

Matters not if you are young or old the Bible holds great bounty in blessings for you.  You will find power to save your soul (Rom 1:16; James 1:21), in the words of Scripture.  As you drink in the precepts of God’s Message you will grow in strength and knowledge.  You will be strengthened in your inner man and become apt to defend your soul against the wicked one.

Please don’t get discouraged if you fall behind in this reading plan.  Just pick up where you left off or jump to the date on the calendar and start again.  The point of reading is not a contest or something to make you feel stressed.  You will soon find the refreshment from God’s Word makes reading it a worthwhile venture.

Take some time to meditate upon what you read.  Take some notes and highlight things that interest you.  You might even decide to put your own chapter and section headings in as you go along.

Please share this reading schedule with your friends and neighbors.

Here is the link to the reading plan.

Because of Him,

Joseph D. Chase

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