I Love to Preach

It is a privilege to be God’s preacher. When you count the many blessings of friendship, family and fellowship you could never find a greater abundance than you find within the church of our Lord. I’ve seen a rich outpouring of kindness not only for my wife and me, but also for other members within the body. Over the years I’ve witnessed people going out of their way to pay honor to the sick, widowed, and every imaginable part of the family of Christ imaginable. In the world it happens more times than not that people tear down and mistreat one another. I’m glad I am in a place that does the work of a loving and compassionate Lord who teaches us to be the same way.

I love preaching because it brings hope and healing to those who hear. So much of what we hear in the media is doom and gloom. However, the very nature of the Bible and preaching is the “Good News”(Matthew 28:19,20). I am preaching to the downhearted, a healing and cheering message. We all can realize that Jesus is the answer to every struggle we face. He brings unity to the family that is divided. Jesus brings balance to broken finances (Mt. 6:33). Jesus builds bridges to evangelism and better relationships.
I love preaching because it holds a wonderful reward in Heaven. This is a blessing that all of us share, because we are all preachers (Matthew. 28:19), God promises rest from our labors and joy beyond measure (Revelation. 14:13) when we pass from this world to Heaven.

I thank God for letting me do the thing I believe with all my heart He intends for me to do. Great things are happening for those who love God, please come into His family.

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2 Comments on “I Love to Preach”

  1. Michael Nicholas Says:

    Thats wonderful, we all need this whether we want to admit it or not

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