Living Alyssa’s Attitude

I recently met a teenager that taught me a valuable life lesson. She has some real difficult health issues that makes her life hard. Beyond feeling bad, she has been in and out of hospitals and doctors clinics almost far too often to be pleasant.

Guess what, she is still at the top of her class at school. She is active in extra curricular activities. She is a vital part of the church family too.

When most of us have troubles and chronic health problems we turn inward. We sometimes let life’s problems turn us mean and crabby with the world.

This young lady is a beam of sunshine and beacon of Christian love to all who known her. Today I’m going to live better than I feel. I’m going to follow Alyssa’s example. Let’s live Alyssa’s Attitude.

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One Comment on “Living Alyssa’s Attitude”

  1. Brenda D Says:

    Alyssa is an inspiration and example for all of us!

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