On My Good List!

So often, we must warn of dangerous behavior. Good examples of bad examples abound. It is always refreshing to find someone doing something we can applaud and imitate.

Two times this week I saw two different men honored who are worthy of emulation.

My dear friend Earl Sabo went to be with the Lord.  At his memorial service there were many who revealed the special traits of this man that we all could do well to have.  Earl was a quiet leader who always did his best to help others do their best.  He was always an encourager bringing out the good in others.  Earl helped mold an entire Sheriff’s department with his encouragement to goodness.  His standard for integrity and kindness were the focus of most of the comments heard during Earl’s memorial.  Honoring this man was a pleasure.  Everyone who knew Earl Sabo is better because they did.

There are some people who outlive the good they do.  Others do good that outlives them.  At a birthday party for a new friend of mine I learned so much about the goodness of Todd Clifton.  Everyone spoke of his kindness in childhood, adolescence and now as a man.  Most told stories that reflect the change Todd has made in his hometown.  They wove a beautiful tale of selfless service as a student, a civic supporter, family man and most importantly his role as elder in the church.  It was only a few days later at a Chamber of Commerce Dinner that the entire community honored Todd for service.  Todd’s love for people is evident in the way he takes time to talk to you.  That may mean he has to take time and effort to come see you in the hospital, nursing home or in your own home.  He brings his affection right to you.  He is a quiet man that does things that loudly proclaim that he belongs to God.  He follows in Jesus’ steps by going about doing good (Acts 10:38).

Earl and Todd both make me want to be better.  They inspire me to lead others to greater and better accomplishments for the Lord and fellow men.

These men remind of a lady named Tabitha in Acts chapter 9.  The Bible describes her as a woman full of good works and acts of charity (Acts 9:36).   She had made such an impact on her community that when she died those who had received clothing  she made came out to show all of the gifts she had given.  I wonder how many people are saying good things about me now?  How many will lament my passing because my deeds will be missed?  It’s time for us to follow heroes like Earl, Todd and Tabitha.  We should be telling our children to strive to follow the example of good, godly men and women.  Paul asked to follow him as he was following Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1).  Jesus expects us to live in a way that men glorify God because of us (Matthew 5:16).

Watch out for people who are good examples to follow and tell others about them.  I thank God for Earl Sabo and Todd Clifton, they are on my list of people I want to be like.

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