How Much Do I Value Bible Classes?

It is hard to understand why so few people take advantage of the wealth of blessings afforded in Bible classes.  Most elderships  believe it is part of  spiritual well being to be a part of a Bible study and therefore provide these classes on Sundays and Wednesdays.  Think on these few points and see if they won’t motivate us to better conviction and commitment.

“Do I value highly…

¨         the privilege of attending Bible classes offered by this congregation?

¨         the pattern of faithful attendance exhibited by a number of our members and their precious children?

¨         those who are working in cooperation with God in teaching Bible truth to those who would make themselves Bible students?

¨         the time our teachers put forth in study and preparation for the lessons they teach?

¨         those who love the Lord enough that they give Him their time in attending Bible classes?

¨         every Biblical truth that is taught in every one of our Bible classes?

¨         the excitement exhibited by our little ones when they step into the foyer and make a beeline for their classrooms?

¨         seeing our children showing their lesson materials to their parents and friends when Bible class is over?

¨         the power of the gospel and its potential in every class to shield students from the efforts of the evil one? “*

So many things vie for our time, so we must redeem it wisely.  Please think about the return on your investment regarding the time you spend in Bible study versus the time you spend instead of Bible study.  Which is the greater good?

*Thoughts Borrowed from Donnie S. Barnes, Th. D.

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One Comment on “How Much Do I Value Bible Classes?”

  1. Joe,

    The problem is much deeper than merely asking yourself if you value Bible classes. Why do people choose not to attend? I think there is a different set of questions to be asked here:

    1) Are classes “boring”? By that I mean, can people be expected to hear a rehash of the same thing they’ve always been taught?

    2) Do the teachers ever go beyond “milk” and get to the “meat and potatoes” of scripture?

    3) Is it a study, or a lecture? Both have their place, but most classes should be studies. In a lecture, only the teacher does the studying and then mind-dumps onto the listeners. Lectures can be interesting, but only if the teacher is very gifted.

    4) Is Bible class discipleship? For a long time I was taught that it was (or at least was a large part of it). But if Bible class is discipleship then Christianity quickly loses whatever attracted us to it in the first place. Discipleship is more than hearing a lesson carefully prepared to fit the church of Christ’s doctrines.

    Depending on how these questions are answered will tell you if people are interested in any particular bible class program. And though many people attend, you would be surprised at how many find their own faith boring and increasingly irrelevant.

    Please do not misunderstand me – I’m not against Bible classes at all. I think they are great. I am an adult Bible class teacher at my church. I am, however, against the way we’ve used them in our churches in the past, which is as a replacement for discipleship.



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