You Gotta’ Watch What You’re Watching

We are living in the media age.  TV, Internet, Movies, Podcasts all type of mediums strive to gain our attention.  Sadly, the Wicked One uses those images with messages to tempt us and turn our hearts from God.  How can we protect our hearts and minds and those of our families?  It is a challenge but fortunately it is one that can be met with some practical tools designed to filter and block unwanted information from tainting our viewing and surfing.  Here are a few products that Christian parents should be aware of.

Television and DVD Filters

If you watch TV you know that swearing and fowl, course language has become so common that even prime-time programing is filled with it.  There is a filter box called TV Guardian that scans the closed-captioned feed of programing and erases the fowl speech before it plays.  Sadly, it won’t filter live programing that has no closed-caption track.

Similar in function is ClearPlay.  It will remove entire scenes with sexual content, drug use, and bleep fowl language.  You have to use an online service with the box you purchase.  You pick the DVD, download a file onto a little thumbdrive, put the thumbdrive into the ClearPlay box and it works its magic removing the content you’ve chose to filter.  The ClearPlay player costs around $125 plus a monthly subscription of $7.99.

Internet Filters and Software

We all know about Google and Yahoo search engines.  They have some parental controls that you can set to filter nudity. OpenDNS is a program that lives on your computer that blocks various websites.  There are free and paid versions available.  It takes a bit of tech savvy to set it up and eventually your 13 year old will figure out how to disable it or circumvent it.

Surf Logging Software

Let’s face it some folks have a difficult time overcoming the temptation to look at pornography online.  It might help these people to know that every site they surf to is being recorded and sent to someone who will hold them accountable for their surfing habits. Covenant Eyes is a service that does just what we are talking about.  Any attempt to circumvent or disable Covenant Eyes will lock up the computer.

If the Seeing Don’t Get You The Hearing Can

Music is one of the most powerful teaching tools available.  The devil knows he can control the hearts of men by setting sinful lyrics to a catchy tune and snappy beat.  If you are like me you can’t really understand what Snoop Doggy or Fifty Cent is saying if we listen.  However, you can easily search lyrics on the Internet.  So before you or your child buys that CD or downloads a song search the lyrics to see exactly what they are saying.

Remember most of all, the best filter for any media is a responsible parent.  Monitor your child’s activity.  It is dangerous to let your children have a TV set, Internet access or cell phone in the privacy of their own bedroom with out the watchful eye of a parent.  Same is true of husbands and wives.  Make sure your screens are visible to everybody so you won’t be tempted to watch things that are harmful spiritually.  It only makes sense to guard our eyes and hearts from seeing images that will reside in our minds from now on.  A good plan is  to stop them before they enter our home or flash on our screens.

What are your favorite tools to help you surf safely and avoid inappropriate Television?

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