Thank You For Letting Us Grow…!

We had VBS last week.  At lunch time one of the little boys asked if he could say the prayer of thanks for our food.  I would never stand in the way of letting a child pray for me or for anyone else.  So he began his prayer much like most blessings for a meal.  Then the subject matter turned a little bit.  Cooper, asked God to help us to grow, thanked him for letting us grow some already and then asked that God would help our parents to see that we have grown.

This little boy was speaking some of the most important words for himself and now I realize for me too.  I cannot grow without God.  It is His Word that serves as food for the spirit through which we mature (1 Peter 2:2).  Daily growth should be something we all seek.   We should want it so badly that we even ask God to help us and thank Him for helping us to grow.  But, how can we really know that we are growing if others don’t see it?  Shouldn’t we long for others to see our progress in Christ?  Cooper’s prayer is my prayer now.  I pray that as I walk the Christian walk others will notice as I improve on serving, avoiding the devil or just plain growing up.

Lord, please help others to see my growth, let them see that I am more like you today than yesterday and even more tomorrow.  And dear Father, thank you for Cooper who in his child like prayer reminded us all of what is most important.

Do you have a sweet prayer story you would like to share please comment or send it to me by email.

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