It Is Not About stuff

How much stuff do we really need? It seems there isn’t a cap on the desire to have more.

Jesus warned against coveting. “Our lives do not consist of the things we have.” There is danger in loving money, loving things and having too much desire to have the things of this world.

Granny Chase had less than most people I’ve ever known. Yet, she was one of the most contented people to ever live. She found great joy in the most simple things of life. She rejoiced when she found an egg in the hen’s nest. She really got excited when the poke salet got ready in the spring. She loved to fish, garden and pick wild berries. Without those things Granny would have gone without nourishment. However, if company came she would feed them first and find great happiness in sharing all she had.

Granny never asked for more. She had a few dresses, one pair of shoes, and very little else to wear. Towels at her house were flour sacks. Drinking glasses were old jelly jars or snuff tumblers. Every Christmas she gave us a card and a stick of candy.

In reflection I treasure my time at her house because I always had enough. No one ever loved me more than she did. I learned that simplicity brought more joy than all the stuff I own today. I’d trade it all to spend one more day with the most caring human I’ve ever known.

Lord, help me to love you more than this worlds offerings. Show me how to be content with what I have. Make me more like Granny Chase who loved people “more than they could ever know.”

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