Daily Bible Reading

It’s kinda like trying to describe chocolate cake to someone who has never eaten cake or chocolate.  Until they’ve eaten some they cannot appreciate just how good it is.  Until a person receives the joy, comfort and benefit from regular reading and study of the Word of God they don’t see how truly valuable it is.  Sadly, that leaves a lot of people who have never enjoyed the beauty of reading the most valuable literature ever penned.

I’ve heard hundreds of sermons and read hundreds of articles that beseech people to make daily Bible reading a part of their lives.  However, most people give little if any heed to those pleadings.  How does one get people to take steps necessary to begin this noble effort?  We appeal to intellect, spirit, and heart with little result. We try to guilt people with even less result.  We bargain and promise high dividends for their participation.  In the end only a very few take up the Bible and pour over its pages seeking the “beauty of holiness” it offers.

There are a few things I would suggest to us all that might help encourage daily Bible reading within our family.

  1. Make it a family affair. Dad’s could take the lead in reading to their children and their spouse.  Kid’s love to hear their parents read while they are young.
  2. Start early.  Get the Bible and it’s message into the hearts of little children and they will learn to love it.  New converts who are enjoying the freshly found joy of salvation should begin reading while their love is young.
  3. Take small bites.  Don’t make Bible reading a burden. Read shorter pieces at a time.  It would be better read 10 minutes a day for the rest of your life than to lose interest from overwork. As your love for Scripture builds you will naturally increase your reading time each day.
  4. Don’t become discouraged if you miss a day.  Just take up where you left off and dedicate your self again.  This is something that you’re going to love in the long-run don’t make it a chore.
  5. Remember this is God’s communication to His children.

Again, you’re not going to know the benefit of daily Bible reading until you’ve been a daily Bible reader. No one can adequately describe how much good you’ll receive until you have found it out yourself.  So just give it at try.  You can download a simple plan here


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