A Salute to Marriage

If you haven’t noticed, marriage and family have taken quite a beating over the past few decades.  Fewer people are marrying and staying married.  We’ve tried desperately to change the definition of marriage and family to be more than a man a woman and offspring.  Yet, all research points to the benefits of marriage and staying married.

Married people live longer, happier and more productive lives.  Children born into healthy marriages are richly blessed by the stability of married father and mother.  It grieves the God of heaven when people forsake His plan for marriage and family.  What God designed for people’s health and happiness works for good when we follow His plan.

It does not matter if it is the components of marriage that are changed or the order and timing of marriage, when they are different from what God intends they lose their full blessing power.  Same sex marriages and living together arrangements don’t afford the same joys now or in heaven that God approved marriages do.

I base these statements on Biblical truths…”The soul that sins shall die.” (Ez 18:20).  The fruit of sin is death and eternal separation from the God who has given all to save us (Rom 3:23; 2 Ths 1:7-9). Also based upon the experiences of a child from a broken home. The scars of divorce linger for life.  The pain is suffered not only by the children but the parents, grandparents for several generations.  Many who think divorce ends a problem needs to know that it begins many more problems than it solves.

This week some friends of mine celebrate 61 years of marriage.  I thank you for showing us all that marriage is valuable and can be a fulfilling way of life.  Marry in the Lord it will give you blessings now and evermore.

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