Your Role in Leadership Training The Awesome Power of Encouragement

I know first hand how difficult learning to lead singing, public prayer or devotional talk is. The fears of standing in front of everyone carrying the awesome responsibility of leading them to God’s throne room is almost paralyzing. There is a weight of seriousness that failure is not only embarrassing but in some way disappointing to family, friends and most importantly God. Training in any of these areas is often trial by fire.

Being a part of the assembly while a fledgling leader trains, carries just as much responsibility. We must remember that we are building a leader. We are part of the formation of desire, skill and ability that the novice leader will carry with him for the rest of his life. We have to be sensitive to the feelings of those learning. We need to go out of our way to encourage them to continue to grow. Give attention to the fact that they are learning and mistakes are part of that. Judgment and harsh criticism can end a leaders desire or even their ability to try again.

You may not know it but your presence in the assembly is a great source of encouragement. Your enthusiastic participation and a cheerful disposition goes a long way to building the leader’s confidence. A new leader is so focused on the possibility of failure that every facial expression and action of those in the crowd can be interpreted to say “They think I am doing a poor job.” We must watch our expressions and actions carefully during the time that a new leader is practicing. A frown, demonstration of frustration, or look of boredom can cripple or destroy any future desire to lead in a young leader.

Learning to lead is difficult. It takes much time and effort to develop abilities, skills and personality traits needed to lead God’s people. You can do a lot to provide that most important ingredient of encouragement every time a young leader tries. Offer kind words, hugs, a pat on the back and most of all more opportunities to train. Offer your support financially for leaders to attend singing schools, preaching seminars and other training opportunities. Pray for them and tell them you are doing so. Send encouraging notes and cards every chance you get. Attend with vigor every time a young leader is leading. Participate wholeheartedly and sincerely in such a way that the leaders recognizes your support.

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