Enough One Another for Everyone


Christian faith is often thought to be a personal relationship with Jesus. But when you begin that relationship you will discover that you will soon be building relationships and fellowship with other disciples.

A quick read through the New Testament reveals over 50 “one another” or “each other” statements. It is surprising that such a personal faith reaches outside of itself to live (James 2:14-26). A large portion of practical faith depends on what we do “with”, “for”, or “to” other people. Jesus taught about loving enemies and helping needy folks in his sermon on the mount. It’s amazing that the Holy Spirit penned more than 20 letters to teach us how to live as Christians. Those letters contain dozens of commands and teachings on loving each other, carrying each others burdens, sing to each other and encouraging each other.

My Christian faith leads me to a roll of service to others of like precious faith. It also gives me the support of that same family. Paul keeps drawing us a picture of a body. Each part or member of the body supports all the other parts and members.

We are truly part of each other. I love the simile of a multi stranded rope. All the little strings are “involved” with each other. Not a single one of them could do the work alone that all of them do together. What strengths I lack are supplied by other members for the family of God.

I will never be fully equipped without being a part of the family of God, neither will the church be so strong as it is when I am fully giving all God gave me to share.

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One Comment on “Enough One Another for Everyone”

  1. Buddy Says:

    Amen, and amen, Joe!! Many thanks for the job you did for us – exactly what we wanted – you nailed so many aspects of the things which we have been trying to get a handle on – especially these “one anothers”. The “brain storming” has opened an avenue to hearts and lives and ministries we pray the Lord will utilize to actuate souls for souls 🙂 Love you brother, God bless you and your sweet wife to God’s glory!!

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