That Nagging Infection


I have been to the dentist three times now to have a root canal finished to no avail. Each time it is too infected to work on. How can this keep happening? I have taken a pharmacy full of antibiotic and treated it with care for months now. Still the infection lingers causing pain and suffering. It has given me insight into another nagging infection called “sin.”

Over a year ago the pain in my tooth began. I ignored it. The pain returned only more intense. It finally got so powerful that it controlled everything about my life. That is when I began a regimented treatment with the tooth doctor. I followed all the instructions but the bacteria didn’t want to give up easily.

Sin starts small. It is even easy to ignore at first. Soon it controls our lives. Treatment with the spiritual remedies of Christ can kill it but, until Jesus comes again we cannot stop it from returning to hurt us again and again.

“Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death?” (Rom 7:4 NLT).

We must remember that sin can creep into our lives if we are not vigilant in guarding ourselves. Peter reminded Christians that the Devil is seeking prey just like a hungry lion. We must be careful all the time. The nagging little infection will come back and often times with more fury than before.

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