A Tribute to Mothers

On Mothers Day, pay your most humble tribute to your godly mother!

Our moms are everything for us when we are small…our lives revolve around her. For everything that we need we call mom, for protection us from every perceived danger. We look to her to hold us, kiss away our wounds, to hug us and love us. She is the focal point of our lives, the greatest human being in the world. So today is a day to pay honor to those good mothers who filled the God ordained role.

Thank your Mother! If we kept record of every good done for us by a godly mother we would soon run out of place to write them down. Today is a day to be specific about things you are grateful for about your mom.
Apologize to your mother. Sadly, we often failed at being good children. There are things for which we should be repentant. Today is a great day to seek forgiveness for wrong deeds, poor attitudes and hurts we brought to our mom.

Celebrate this day with your mom if you still have her. There is coming a day when we will all say that tragic farewell to our mother. Until that time comes cherish each moment you have with her. You will not regret it ever if you do good for your mom!

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