Great Soul Winners Are Purposeful

People are not evangelistic by accident. They make up their mind that they will take the Lord’s work seriously and then adjust their lives to include this necessary work. As a full-time paid preacher I discovered evangelism is easily crowed out by important “church work.” Days can be overrun with hospital visits, writing sermons, editing the bulletin, making class preparation, counseling, teaching Bible classes at the building. The overwhelming amount of office work can stymie all evangelistic effort. It’s easy to have only Christian friends. It’s easy to pursue only good works within the “house of God.”

Seeking the lost was much easier before I started preaching full-time. Working outside of the church building offered a lot more opportunities to befriend non-churched people. I am not saying that everyone in our assembly is a saint but most of them are. Week after week my work focuses more on keeping the saved, saved than on seeking the lost. How did this happen? It is sort of the nature of church work to become a keeper of the flock instead of building a flock. So, my goal is to change that in my work.

Here is a prayerful plan of purpose for being more evangelistic:

Set a Specific Goal. Having a goal and committing to reaching it will pave the way to changing my schedule to include opportunities for evangelism. If I have a goal of evangelizing 12 people this year that means I have to find the time to do that. I need to find the places to do it and look for ways to follow through with it.

Plan The Plan. We fail to reach goals because we don’t plan for reaching them. Success is seldom unplanned. Good plans lead to finding a way to succeed when none seems to exist. Prayer and good hard brain strain is called for to decide how you are going to meet 12 new people this year and make opportunity to tell them about Jesus.

Work the Work. I wonder how many really wonderful plans are lost in committee? Hours of strategy laid out but never put into play. Getting things done happens when we get things done. Going from dream to actuality will only happen when we roll up our sleeves and start working the carefully laid out plan.

Recommit Every Day. People stay committed only when they review their success or failure and then adjust their efforts to accomplish their intended goal. Look at your goal, see if your plan is still viable, then follow through with enthusiastic work to reach your goal. Did I find a person this month to befriend? Did I make efforts to make a relationship with that person? Did I develop some interest in spiritual matters with that person? Did I tell them about Jesus? Which of these things needs changing to be successful?

Enjoy the Rewards. Nothing makes work more satisfying than seeing it completed. Sharing the gospel with people is a great work with many rewards. Not everyone you tell about Jesus will follow him but, you are successful when you plant the seed. You will make a lot of friends in this effort. Celebrate every victory and bask in the joys that come in ways you will not know until they come to you.

I pray that your goal will be to take Jesus with you everywhere you go. I hope you find a lot of open hearts who will receive the message of Christ. We’ve got to be ready to meet and befriend all kinds of people in all kinds of places. That is exciting let’s get purposeful with our Lord’s commission.

Share with us some of your goals for reaching out to the world with the message of Jesus. Do you have a successful plan? Make a comment or send me an email.

Joe Chase

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