Why Did God Make Me Like This?

On a recent Facebook post, I read from a mother with a little girl with several birth abnormalities; “My little girl asked me today, “Why did God make me like this?” The loving mother shocked by the question answered, “you are beautiful and God doesn’t make mistakes.” That answer was enough for this little girl who ran off to play again.

I’ve known several parents of children with various physical, developmental and mental struggles and issues. I applaud them for their hard work in caring for their children. Most of those parents relate to me the joys of having a special needs child. They tell stories of how the struggles are difficult but never a burden. I am grateful for parents who see the blessings in the difficulties.

What strikes me most is that a child who is discovering that she is different from other children is able to rest in the assurance that her parents love her and that God is caring for her too. I look at myself and see so many shortcomings, brokenness, frailty, failure and wonder “why did God make me this way?” Why do I find sin easier than doing right. Why is my heart easily swayed away from good to bad? I recall that Paul said very similar things in Romans chapter seven. In deep frustration with his frailty he questions; “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” He calls himself a “wretched man.” That is a common chord between Paul and me.

It takes some serious self-examination and Bible study to remember that God’s grace and love is sufficient to overcome my faults. Though I am unworthy God is kind enough to fix me in my weakness and then strengthen me to become whole in Christ (Rom 5:8; 2 Cor 5:21; Phil 4:13). I am learning that it is my weakness that leads me to God’s strength. My frailty is fixed by the “Great I Am.” Today, I celebrate the joy of knowing God loves me. My journey to heaven isn’t threatened by my weakness if I will let Him guide and protect me.

Dear God, Thanks for helping me see you when all I can see is my own sins, sorrows and shaking faith. Forgive me for failing and cleanse me so I can be all you long for me to be.

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