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The Beautiful Cross

March 31, 2010

This title may seem to be a paradox. How could something so horrible be beautiful? How could something that brought such pain bring so much joy? How could something that killed bring life? How could the curse bring blessing? The cross is beautiful because of the One who died upon it and the reason he did. Without him being rejected by God we could not be accepted. Without his suffering we would have no relief. Without him being struck down we would never have been exalted. The cross of Jesus truly is beautiful to those of us who have put our faith in God’s grace.

Calvary is the focus of the ages. From Adam to the apostles looked for it’s coming and the grace that it would bring. From Golgotha until the Judgment we look back to it for the peace it brings between us and God. God’s predetermined will was the sacrifice upon a cruel cross the Christ appointed before the foundation of the world. The cross is the foundation of all that God did throughout history and continues to do until Christ comes to receive the faithful to heaven.

The beautiful cross of Christ stands as a beacon to all men to come for healing of our sin-sickness. It calls to us to lay down the burden of sorrow and pick up the wings of joy. The life bought for each of by the blood of Jesus is God’s precious gift to everyone willing to follow the lamb where ever he goes.

Joseph D. Chase