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Tom T, Roger and a Young Carpenter

December 2, 2011



Painting word pictures is a powerful teaching tool. A great story hangs in the heart. I always liked Tom T. Hall he made Clayton Delaney and the hitchhiking orphan boy a part of the fabric of our lives. Roger Miller could put us on a river bank or in a box car with just a few do wacka dos.

Tom’s and Roger’s stories standout in our minds because they speak to and from the commonality of human experience. Great stories take something we know and illustrate things we don’t. Roger was a master at turning a phrase upside down to make a point.

“I lack fourteen dollars havin’ twenty seven cents.”

What better way to say you wasted your rent money boozing it away? The song shows just how low one stoops to climb a high barstool. It does not pass our notice the sad story is set to happy music.

Tom T. Hall taught us the sage summation of what is most important in life “Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine.” Although we do not endorse the wine part we can agree that life is good because of the simple things.

A young carpenter from Nazareth was the master teacher because of his ability to couch divine enlightenment within farming acumen. He could profoundly portray eternal principles with paradoxical phrases. We remember that God elevates the humble because Jesus said “the first shall be last and the last first.”. We see the greatness of giving all by a widow sacrificing her meager mite.

Jesus could have had a big career in the country music business if he decided to live on Music Row. Instead the sweet story teller changed the world with his amazing way of living his teachings.